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blue geometry dress

Blue Geometry

Geometry above all!

There’s no doubt that geometry is what I love the most in my outfits. I prefer dresses that surprise with color, pattern, or both. Choosing explicit colors your life is getting color and it becomes a great adventure. Finally, the world belongs to those who have the courage to dream and risk!

blue geometry dress 2

Photo: Karolina Ałdaś

Fashion sets my path. This is how real life with passion looks like!

Devoting time for passion provides us with many positive emotions.

I like to stand out from the crowd, be the center of attention, express myself on unconventional ways by using clothes.

Passion enriches our lives, it strengthens us, gives us real pleasure and contributes to creating our personality.

It enriches us with experiences and memories for entire lifetime!

blue geometry dress

Photo: Karolina Ałdaś

Geometric long sleeved dress is ideal for cooler days.

I try to diversify my projects with colors, however, a woman is variable.

There are also days when I put on a calm, dim colors styling.


Peaceful Warrior Quotes:

„Socrates: I think you should continue your training as a gymnast.

A warrior does not give up what he loves, Dan. He finds the love in what he does.

Dan: Look at me! I have a metal rod in my leg.

Socrates: A warrior is not about perfection, or victory, or invulnerability.

He’s about absolute vulnerability. That’s the only true courage.

Dan: What kind of training you think I could do? I just had an accident!

Socrates: The accident is your training. Life is choice.

You can choose to be a victim or anything else you’d like to be.

Dan: Just ignore what happened to me?

Socrates: A warrior acts, only a fool reacts.

Dan: What if I can’t do it?

Socrates: That’s the future. Throw it out.

Dan: Well, how would we start?

Socrates: There is no starting or stopping, only doing.”

„The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.”

What is your passion? What would you do if you were sure you would succeed?

It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that We are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!

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