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Colorful Challenge

Geometry above all!

Striped dress? This is one of those trends that doesn’t go out of style.

colors dress 2

Striped, vertical or horizontal clothes appear every season. The most common are sailor stripes or presented in two vivid colours. Alternatively the dress can be designed with a stripped pattern that flows in different directions.

The striped dress is a trend that is definitely my style. My Colorful Challenge proposal is multi-colored, rainbow stripes arranged horizontally combined with black zippers. The knitted dress is also characterized by metal zippers on the shoulders. Thanks to that, outfit gains a free character.

Why did I choose Africa as destination of my travel?

Many people are fascinated by the black land, its wild landscapes, animals and its inhabitants. It seemed to me that traveling around Africa is special. During the travel, my attention was drawn to beautiful African prints, original handicrafts and unique jewerly, which are the masterpieces of human hands. I was particularly impressed by the traditional costumes of the samburu tribes, in the form of bright materials and decorated with colorful necklaces. Colorfully dressed people are the reason why I would like to come back here.

colors dress 4
colors dress 3
samburu people
samburu necklaces

Colors make my life beautiful. Let us have the courage to bring to life mora that makes us happy, change our lives for the better!

Appropriate clothing makes people happy and more optimistic about life.

It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that we are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!


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