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mondrian dress idea

Fashion Inspired By Mondrian’s Painting

Geometry above all!

„Fashion Inspired by Mondrian’s Painting – it is a simple masterpiece!

mondrian dress idea 2

Clothing inspired by the work of great artists are becoming increasingly popular in modern fashion.

The collections inspired by such work can be found in the offer of many famous fashion houses.

One of the favorite creator who inspired other artists is undoubtedly Piet Mondrian –

Dutch painter, creator of simple, abstract design.

Piet Mondrian definitely led to changes in the perception of art.

Fashion designers and interior decorators draw inpiration from his iconic work.

He was one of first artists who crossed cubism and began to move towards abstract art.

mondrian dress idea 3
Photo:Karolina Ałdaś

The painting entitled „Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow”

contributed to the development of abstraction in painting and architecture of the 20th century.

Piet Mondrian’s work and his output, called neoplasticism is characterized by simple,

vertical and horizontal lines, rectangles and basic colors.

This greatness and uniqueness it’s simple masterpiece has become the inspiration

for designers associated with various forms of art.

fashion inspired Mondrian painting

mondiran dress idea 7

„Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow”

was a source of inspiration also for me. It inspired me to create a fashionable outfit.

The dress inspired by graphic painting is a modernist approach to the painter’s work,

which is decorated with patterns and colors in the style of neoplasticism.

A short dress with long sleeves is above all a purity of form and a saving of expression,

a lot of white with the addition of yellow and blue.

The outfit is kept in a very limited palette of colors decorated with

delicate colored lockstitch machines which is giving it a modern incarnation.

Thanks to that, the project also enrich its own life.

It is very feminine making positive energy dominates in it.

The existing geometry is emphasized by strong colors.

The whole is a very interesting interpretation of images of an outstanding artist.

mondrian dress idea 5

„To be modern is to tear the soul out of every thing” – Yohji Yamamoto

„All painting – the painting of the past as well as of the present – shows us that its essential plastic means we are only line and color”

– Piet Mondrian

It’s Worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that we are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!

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