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colorful skirt

Geometric on top of the world

Geometry above all!

It is said travel educates.

We can learn a lot during traveling … especially about ourselves!

colorful skirt 2

The midi skirt which was created from combined materials of different designs and colors, looks very feminine in everyday stylization. Due to the variety of materials make it one of my favorites skirts. These colors create a positive energy that has a significant impact on my well-being. It motivates me. This outfit has many faces and often accompanies me on my travels. Skirt combined with various blouse proposals creates an interesting effect.

colorful skirt 3

I decided to think about what I learned during traveling and staying in Africa:

I) I am more self-confident

The first time I went on a trip to Kenya with a friend, it was full admiration of how many people I met on my way including Europian tourists who traveled alone. Then I told my friend with convinction – „These people are very brave, I wouldn’t be able to”. Today I know that it was only a belief. We are able to find confidence, courage and follow our dreams. Every next step and the attempt strengthens our self-confidence.

II) We can find a way out of every situation

I became more open to change and saw that there are more possibilities than it seems. Whenever I encountered an obstacle, failure, I just felt like giving up more so giving up further efforts. Now I know that I can’t do anything, look for another solution. An internal voice tells me that it must have happened. Another attempt can bring me much more benefit and satisfaction. The benefits come later, not immediately.

III) English

At school, I quickly realized that had no talent for learning languages. Because of this, I stopped troubling myself and also decided that wouldn’t need it anyway. I mainly speak English during my stay in Kenya. Thanks to that I know we can achieve more and more progress in many different areas.

IV) Courage is necessary to start travelling

Overcoming the comfort zone is necessary to grow (not only in travelling). We are often accompanied by fear of the unknown. However, when we beat it, everything takes on completely different colors. Fear of the unknown caused many times I wondered if it is worth embarking on a journey. When I first landed in Kenya, I saw dancing and joyful Maasai people at the airport. They were waiting for the arrival of David Lekuta Rudisha, who at that time broke the world record in the run of 800 metre. I thought: „It’s great to be in Kenya”.

V) The second person should always be judged by deeds, not by words.

During the past few months I have often been surprised and disappointed by the promises which haven’t been met. I understand real intentions always go hand in hand with deeds. It allows me not to be attached to the words spoken. It is very imporant to first consider whether we will be able to keep our word.

VI) No any opinion can affect us

Travel gave me confidence that you should always follow your heart. It’s good to go this way no matter what others have to say. Negative opinions cannot affect us until we believe it.

VII) It’s worth to smile!

I love to smile because the world is becoming more colorful. First of all a smile connects people and is the shortest way to meet them. When we give or reciprocate smile, it always makes us feel happier. The smile has always been my business card and hope it will always be.

VIII) Passion is important

It’s worth listening to yourself and discover what stimulates energy for action in us. For me it’s mainly design. Design comes first in the interest category. Passion combined with travel strengthens faith in our abilities, perseverance and resistance to failure, because the easiest way to happiness is to make dreams come true. Traveling is of course also an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creating new projects.

IX) Every day can be joyful and exciting

My dream came true and I spent a few days among the members of the samburu tribe. It was wonderful to wake up in such a place which was Barsaloi and discover beautiful views. It’s worth feeling the magic of this place.

colorful skirt 4
colorful skirt 5

What makes you feel on top of the world ?

„If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet” Rachel Wolchin

It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that we are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!

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