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Simplicity and Geometry

Geometry above all!

                                     simplicity and geometry

An aura of self-confidence and the power of flashy geometry.
Playing with the female silhouette has gained harmonious minimalism combined with subtle feminity. The dress describes simple and modern, which looks very impressive through a combination of bright colors. Yellow is the color of the sun that stands for wisdom, creativity and mental activity. Blue color symbolizes religiosity, art, spirituality and the will to live. The dress has made of knitted fabric and finished with a gray trim. The selection of such positive colors and a strong geometric accent will certainly attract attention and offer good vibes.

                                     Simplicity and geometry

                                     simplicity and geometry

How to believe in yourself and your abilities:
Self-confidence can be learned – that means how we relate to yourself. It is worth reinforcing positive thoughts and treating yourself as a important. Believing in your positive image strengthens your self-esteem and helps you achieve more success
Find enthusiasm – dedicate yourself to your passion. It is faith and enthusiasm that lead to success
put emphasize for what is the positive – expect the best
take benefit of your advantages – what are you really good at? You will notice new opportunities. Your self-confidence will gain from this
write down your goals – a positive scenario of your own life will dominate your thoughts and actions
surround yourself with people who believe in you – their faith makes you feel more enthusiastic
look for inspiration – design a life which you are desire
simplicity and geometry

If you never start, you will never finish.

Believe in yourself and your possibilities.

It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that we are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!

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