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patchwork dress

The Feminine Side of Geometry

Geometry above all!

patchwork dress 2
Photo: Karolina Ałdaś

The Feminine Side of Geometry dress with a graphic motif depicting a woman’s face is certainly a very modern, one-of-a-kind geometric composition. Trying to experiment with geometric forms isn’t easy. Therefore, sometimes it is worth abandoning symmetrical patterns in favor of asymmetric geometry. Asymmetric geometry emphasizes the uniqueness of fashion. It is worth focusing on original and unique clothing. Geometry with the help of appropriately selected clothes also effectively helps to cover up some imperfections and emphasize the physical strengths of a woman.

patchwork dress 3
Photo: Karolina Ałdaś

My greatest motivation

When you feel passionate about what you are doing and it brings you satisfaction, that becomes your greatest motivation. Sometimes, however, there is uncertainty and doubt as to whether what we are doing makes sense. There is a sharp drop in motivation and the desire to throw away everything we are already involved in.

How do I deal with bad days?

What do I do to encourage myself and overcome the desire to quit? Motivation books often inspire me because they are full of wonderful, true and uplifting stories. These books emphasize the importance of having the right attitude towards life and the meaning of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm makes us feel great, helps us achieve success and spreads to our surroundings.

It is worth reading motivational books

For me one of the books that is highly valued is the motivational guide „You Can Do It” by Paul Hanna. At the beggining of the book, the author compares our attitude and self-image to that of a Boeing 747 pilot. We have at our fingertips all the controls devices, thanks to that we can fly at any chosen height. The height of flight through life is all that gives us satisfaction. It is up to us whether we still fly at the same altitude, whether we reprogram our pilot and take control of life and fly higher. The guide teaches how to control the height of a life flight, how to build happiness in our personal life, how to attract what is good and which influences our success.

patchwork dress 4
Photo: Karolina Ałdaś

” No one can upset you, unless you give them permission” Paul Robert Hanna

„Reach out and open the door that no one thought could be opened. Life is behind it” Kelly Ann Rothaus

It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that we are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!


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