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My name is Marta and I am from Poland.
I graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in the city of Lodz. Welcome to my blog for amazing woman like you. I thought I was gonna be a designer and that’s what I wanted. During my studies I discovered geometry dominates and has become the world of my projects.

This is my passion. When I love something I commit.

So how it began

“In every women’s wardrobe there’s many of clothing that tells you more it’s owner than she would want someone to know. It can be a sweater or trousers that she does not value but wears without complaint or color dress she one loved before but she cannot longer to look at.
Opposite it’s some the best dresses that she knows how self-confident she feels. This is true, we can learn a lot about women from what they choose to wear anytime”

I wish you very all the best all the enjoying these colourful day!

Geometry above all!

The presented project is a combination of the geometry and the line close to the body. My proposal is a game of colours, matched with non-obvious cut-out dresses, asymmetry and the inserts of transparent materials.

Skirts and dresses are perfect for women looking for something innovative and an original, who like the multitude of emerging colours, who want to boldly experiment with fashion.

Geometry in fashion is more than formulas covering material. It is primarily different combinations of colours, line models, and lack of ornamentation. It’s worth asking for suggestion about clothing, thanks to that We are able to STAND OUT from the crowd!

Geometric Story & Vogue Polska

Artykuł w Vogue Polska –  link tutaj “Z miłości do Kenii i Koloru”

kolorowe zakiety z kenii

Portal Business Woman&Life

Wywiad dla społeczności kobiet, które wzajemnie się inspirują BusinessWoman&Life – link tutaj W kolorach Afryki

kolorowe zakiety z kenii

Wywiad w Business Woman & Life

Wywiad w wydaniu Business Woman & Life Nr 66 wydanie: wrzesień – październik 2022

wywiad w business woman&life

Sukces z Pasją

Spotkanie u Eweliny Gawłowskiej – Sukces z Pasją

Konkurs Kobiet Biznesu

XVII Polish Business Women Awards

Nominacja: Lider stylowych ubrań w geometryczne wzory


XVII Gala Polish Businesswoman Awards

Nagroda i tytuł “Lidera stylowych ubrań w geometryczne wzory”

XVII Gala Polish Businesswoman Awards 3
scena z: Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan, SK:, , fot. Niemiec/AKPA